The annual meeting of The District Advisory Council will be Monday, March 2018 at the McArthur Community Building.



The Vinton County Board of Health Meets

At 8:30 a.m. in the health department Conference Room

2017 Board of Health Meeting dates:

4th Friday January 27

4th Friday February 24

4th Wednesday March 24

4th Friday April 28

4th Friday May 26

4th Friday June 23

4th Friday July 28

4th Friday August 25

4th Friday September 22

4th Friday October 27

3rd Friday November 17

3rd Friday December 15



boh members

PRESIDENT Vicki Boring (Expires 2019)

DLC MEMBER, VICE PRESIDENT Rick Hensler (Expires 2022)

MEMBER Eldred Hale (Expires 2018)

MEMBER Rebecca Fout (Expires 2020)

PHYSICIAN MEMBER Dr. Becky Huston (Expires 2021)

DLC ALTERNATE Irene Fee(Expires 2022)

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