Early Intervention Services

Services to families whose lives have been forever changed by a disability can begin at any age, no matter if they are still prenatal or if they are almost three. Our Service Coordinators and licensed assessment team provides these families with access to a qualified evaluation and or assessment. Service Coordinators help guide them through the process of attaining the support and services needed for their child to achieve optimal growth and development. They help the family create an Individual Family Service Plan to identify special services, assist the family with  transitioning their child into preschool  or head start , as early as three months before the age of three.

 Home Visiting

Vinton County Help Me Grow Home Visiting is a program for the county’s expectant parents and newborns thru age three that provides health and developmental education to parents so children can start school healthy and ready to learn. Help Me Grow provides building blocks to help families & children succeed. We  provide parent meetings and play groups to create a network of parents to gain information from each other. The purpose of Help Me Grow is to provide the information, support and encouragement in your home--the natural environment that your baby and toddler live in-- which parents need to help their child develop during the early years of life. These opportunities that never come again are also referred to as the “windows of opportunity”. Our ultimate goal is to portray to parents and families that we believe you are your child’s best educator and authority.   Parents are the primary source of nurturing and helping your child grow and learn during their first three years of life. No one knows your child better than you! 

 Healthy Families

We are a program for Vinton County’s expectant parents and newborns thru age five. We provide building blocks for success like Help Me Grow.  This program can provide more intense education for teen moms, complete with a Real Care baby that can help them learn about being a mommy, or a mommy who has had a long time in between taking care of infants! This program is also for parents who may have not had the best start in their own life, and may have experienced child abuse or neglect, or whom may have made some mistakes in the past and been involved in a child abuse situation with their own children. We want to provide you with the most up to date information on parenting, de-stressing skills, and positive discipline methods to help you raise a new generation of happy healthy Vinton County residents!  Vinton County Healthy Families wants to help you, your baby’s best teacher, never miss any window of opportunity for growth.

 Staff includes: Barbi Hammond, Carrie McManis, Jessica Reid, Andrea Barrows,  Joni Dickinson & Susan Patrick

Barbi Hammond, Help Me Grow Supervisor: bhammond@vintonohhealth.org

Phone: 1-800-287-4020 or 740-596-9705 or 740-596-2522

Fax: 740-596-4720